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The Seven Wonder Of The World[FrmTR Ödev Tim]

The Works Built During The Ancient Ages Are Significant Opuses Due To Their Sizes As Well As The Wonderful Decorations And Embroideries On Them. Among The Seven Wonders Of The World, Only The Pyramids Of Egypt Has Survived Up To Date. The Others Vanished In Time Because Of Fires, Earthquakes, Wars Etc.
Unfortunately, Today The Number Of The Drawings That Illustrate Such Works Is Exiguous. The Archeologists Take The Narratives As Basis While Envisaging The Appearance Of Such Demolished Works. ın This Study, ı Will Endeavor To Describe The Seven Wonders Of The World Theoretically As Well As With Some Pictures And To Give Their Basic Characteristics.
ı Wish That This Study Will Be Useful For Everyone Who Is Interested In The Issue…


Mausoleum, One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World, Is A Monument Tomb Built In Halicarnassus (bodrum) For King Mausollos Of Caria Died In 353 Bc. Mausoleum Was Built By King Mausollos' Wife Queen Artemisia. The Most Renowned Architectures And Sculptors Of The Era Were Employed In Construction Of The Tomb.

The Term "mausoleum", Which We Use To Refer Monumental Tombs Today, Comes From This Monumental Tomb Of Mausollos In Halicarnassus. The Tomb Was Demolished Before The 15th Century By An Earthquake. Thereafter, The Architects Used The Ruins Of The Tomb When Constructing The Bodrum Fortress.

The Hangıng Gardens Of Babylon

One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World. The Gardens In The Southern ıraq; The Gardens Of The Kingdom Palace In Babylon City, The Capital Of The Babylonian Civilization, In The Ancient Ages. The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon Were The Roof Gardens Set On The Terraces Of A Series Of Ziggurats. Such Gardens Were Being Watered Through The Use Of Euphrates River By Pumping The Water Of This River To The Gardens Through A System.
The Gardens Were Built By King Nebuchadnezzar ıı. According To The Legend, It Is Said That The Gardens Were Built By Nebuchadnezzar To Please Queen Sammu-ramat, Mother Of Adadnirari ııı., King Of Assyria, And His Wife Amytis Of Media, Who Missed Her Homeland Media And Foliage.

The Lıghthouse Of Alexandrıa

The Lighthouse Of Alexandria, One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World, Is The Most Renowned Lighthouse Of The Ancient Ages.

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