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Varsayılan ingilizce ödevi istanbul

arkadaşlar bana istanbul tanıtımı ile ilgili 10 syf orta düzeyde çevirilazım nolursunuz yardımcı olun bunu yapamazsam snıfta kalacam nolursunuz bi Allah'ın kulu yardım etsin
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Varsayılan C: ingilizce ödevi istanbul

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arkadaşlar bana istanbul tanıtımı ile ilgili 10 syf orta düzeyde çevirilazım nolursunuz yardımcı olun bunu yapamazsam snıfta kalacam nolursunuz bi Allah'ın kulu yardım etsin
Istanbul, Turkey's most crowded, the most important economic and cultural city.

Municipal boundaries in mind in order, with Europe's 11 million population of the world's first and the fourth is a crowded city. [2] investigated in 2005 in a world of Istanbul from the 34th of the economically The largest city is specified. [3]

Marmara coast and along the Bosphorus, Golden Horn and the surrounding was founded in the northwest to Turkey. To Europe or the European side of Istanbul Rumeli Yakası, the Asian part is called the Anatolian side. Established on two continents, the world's only metropolis. There are 39 districts, with a total of 40 municipalities within the boundaries of metropolitan municipalities are available. Will be the European Capital of Culture in 2010.

World's oldest city, which is one of Istanbul, 330 - 395 years between the Roman Empire, 395 - 1204 and 1261 - 1453 between the Eastern Roman Empire, 1204 - 1261 the Latin Empire and the 1453 - 1922 years between the capital of the Ottoman Empire did.


Istanbul's climate is temperate climate.

Istanbul's hot and humid in summer, the winters are cold, rainy and sometimes is profitable. Annual rain fall is 870mm. Because of the moisture, the air is hot hot, cold feeling than can be cold. 7 ° C and in winter the average temperature is around 9 ° C and rain, and usually one to two weeks karlakarışık yağmurgörülür.bazende snow in winter, snow may yağar. From June to September the average temperature is 28 ° C.

The hottest months in June (37.2 ° C), the cold months in January (5.4 ° C) is the month. Until now, high air temperature, 46 ° C in June 2007 was recorded in Tuzla. The air temperature is low, in February 1927 was recorded as -16.1 ° C.

City is a little windy, the wind is the average speed of 17km per hour.

Summer is the dry season, but dry season is not unlike the Mediterranean climate.

Important location in Istanbul

Main article: Walls of Istanbul

File: Walls of Constantinople (Constantinopolis). JPG
Istanbul city walls

Istanbul city walls, surround the walls of Istanbul on 7th Starting yy. was built, destroyed and re-to do was hand four times. Last construction M.Ş. 408'den after. II. Theodosius (408-450) during the time of the coast of Istanbul Haliç Sarayburnu'ndan wall from this side and the Marmara coast during Ayvansaray'a to Yedikule, Yedikule from the Topkapi, the Topkapi was extending from Ayvansaray'a.

Sur km.dir length of 22. Haliç walls 5.5 km., Land 6.5 km. Marmara km.dir Walls 9.

Black walls consist of three parts. Hendek, external walls, internal walls. Agricultural land has been Hendek today. Sura adjacent and 50 m. intervals by black walls, many of which have been destroyed, has *****ed the 96 towers. The towers and walls, extending longitudinally from the ledge 10 in m.lik mostly square and 25 m. high.
Dolmabahce Palace
Beylerbeyi Palace

Main article: Dolmabahce Palace

* Dolmabahce Palace: Dolmabahce Palace, Karaköy extending from coast to Sarıyer between Besiktas and the remaining section of the Kabataş, left in the introduction through the Marmara Sea coast from the sea Boğaziçi'ne in Uskudar in the face of the palace. Taken place, and emerging from the sea by filling the area received the name of the Dolmabahce Palace. Except for construction of state debt has been taken.

Main article: Beylerbeyi Palace

* Beylerbeyi Palace: Beylerbeyi palace in 1861-1865, the place of the old wooden palace of Sultan Abdulaziz coast was built by Sarkis Balyan'a.

Main article: Topkapı Palace

* Topkapi Palace: Topkapi Palace in Istanbul in the world today, the oldest of the palace and the large is able to come.

Position, the Golden Horn, and Marmara sea view Boğaziçi'ni that organization's first location in Istanbul known acropolis hills. Peninsula, the furthest point of the triangle in Istanbul, 5 km and surrounded by dim walls, a complex of private land is 700,000 m2.

Main article: Star Palace

* Star Palace: Yıldız Palace for the first time, Sultan III. Selim's (1789-1807) was built for the Sultan's mother Mihrişah, especially the Ottoman sultan II. The main palace of the Ottoman State as timely Abdülhamit used today is a palace located in the Besiktas district. Such as the Dolmabahce Palace in a single building, but starting from the Marmara sea coast towards the northwest up-and-back line covering the entire hillside into a garden and had settled koruluk palaces, mansion, management, protection, services, structures and parks to be.

Main article: Ciragan Palace

* Ciragan Palace, Istanbul, Besiktas District, located on the historic Ciragan Caddesi palace.

Sultan's most beautiful places in the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus and important to the people who had been allocated for the palace and pavilion. Over time, most of them are gone. In 1910 a large palace beside it was the Çırağan. In 1871 over an earlier wooden palace by Sultan Abdulaziz Palace Architect Balyan'a Serkis was made. 4 million in four years under the cost structure between the wooden panel and ceiling, walls were covered with marble. Europe has taken the state for construction of the debt.

Columns at the top of the richest examples of stonework is laid, the whole place was. Rooms with rare carpets, furniture and gold gilding decorated with mother of pearl pen business. Like the other palaces of the Bosphorus Ciragan many important meeting place was. Decorated with colored marble facade and monumental gates and back had connected with a bridge to the Yıldız Palace was in the back. Was surrounded by high walls of the street. Years in the ruins of long standing in the ruins of the end of major repairs were fortunate again, next to five-star addition to the plug-ins, has been turned into a beautiful beach hotel. In the ornamental garden pool, a dock and a helipad is located. Today it is home to many social activities.

Square of

Taksim Square
Taksim Square

Main article: Taksim Square

Taksim district name and place, past the Galata-Beyoğlu water "is not divisible", Taksim Maksemi'nden received.

Before the square, old houses are the order of the district is a narrow region, is brought into place after enlargement, when the current view has received. Monument Square in the middle of the Republic and the environment is being used today as the ceremonial and meeting place where the function is assumed. Square up to the tunnel's beginning Nostaljik Tram runs.

Taksim Square, which has become the symbol of the Monuments of the Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica'ya Republic was built, has been in place in 1928. Monument's the construction of 2.5 years, monuments have been done with stone and bronze. Cost of money was collected from the public. A figurative expression for the first time from the Republican era monument with a statue Ataturk and the new scheme is described. Monument erected in Taksim area, before there was no property.

Sultanahmet Square

Main article: Sultanahmet Square

One of the most important place in Istanbul. Hipodrom known as the Byzantine era. "Hippodrome" Greek "hippos" (at) and "dromos" (path) consisting of a combination of words and "atyolu" is a word meaning. At the Ottoman period, there were also square.

Today very little remains of important structures and monuments of the Byzantine era was built around the Hippodrome. "Grand Palace" known as the Imperial Palace next to the Racecourse starts, down to the sea would reach out to the edges. Today, a great hall of this palace is the location of the mosaic panels could come. And this is the most important square of the city with the street Agusteion were found between the triumphal arch Milerium. To Rome, was initially extends from the street and the first milestone in the road here.

In this region is also the time of the Ottoman Yeniçeri rebellion, forty days and forty nights lasting wedding circumcision prince, the festival was held here. Speech against the invasion of Halide Edip in Istanbul Sultanahmet demonstration here that were made in 1920.

Over the middle of the square as a keepsake Kayzer visits have been made Wilhelm Fountain is the Germans. In the west of the square include Istanbul judiciary. Square's most important tourism center of Istanbul is today.

Beyazıt square

Istanbul's Eminonu district and Date of the historic Grand Bazaar to meydandır.İstanbul University hosts the one who yapmaktadır.Beyazıt Mosque is the place frequented by tourists.

Freedom Square

Bakirkoy district of Istanbul's most crowded neighborhoods with nufüsuna. One of the most popular places this district is the Freedom Square.
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Varsayılan C: ingilizce ödevi istanbul

teşekkür ederim allah razı olsun
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