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Eski 19-03-07, 19:07 #1
Ensarbjk Ensarbjk çevrimdışı
Varsayılan ingilizce kitap özeti!

arkadşlar acilen level 3 herhangi bi ing. kitap özeti lzm
bi türlü bulamadım bulan olursa werblir mi
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Gizem_07 Gizem_07 çevrimdışı
Varsayılan C: ingilizce kitap özeti!

Jane Eyre’s story begins when she was ten.She was living with her aunt-Mrs.Reed.Because her mother and her father were dead.Jane has got three cousins;Eliza,John and Georgiana.Jane was afraid of them.She thought John enjoyed frightening and depressing her.
One day they took to her to a red room.this room was cld and dark.So she became ill and the doctor suggested to her to go to Lowood School.
In the school ,Jane met Helen and She became Jane’s friend.İn this school, usually; many of the girls were ill.Because they were always cold and hungry.Their clothes weren’t warm enough for the winter.
Days after,Helen became ill,too.And she said ‘’Goodbye’’to Jnae and died.
Jane stayed at the school until she was eighteen.Then she wanted to find a job and to be a teacher.So she wrote the letters to newspapers.At last an answer came.It was from Mrs.Fairfax.She lived Thornfield Hall.So Jane packed clothes and travelled.there.
She came to Thornfield Hall and met to Mrs Fairfax.Thornfield Hall was belonged to Mr.Rochester.He wasn’t there.
Adele was sweet little girl.She wanted to learn English.Everybody was kind to Jane in there.
At last Mr.Rochester came and met Jane.She thought he was usually serious, he didn’t often smile
One night Jane heard a cruel laugh.Someone was walking in the stairs at the attic.The smoke was coming from Mr.Rochester’s room.Jane took water and threw it his bed and he jumped out.
Later Mr.Rochester left and went to meet his friends.
After several weeks, Mr.Rochester and his friends came to Hall.Miss Blanche was beautifl friend but she was very proud.She and Mr.Rochester were usually together.
One evening Mr. Mason came to Hall.He was strong and handsome.Mr. Rochester wasn’t pleased when he saw him.
This night everyone in the house was asleep.Suddenly she heard a terrible scream.’Help Help!!! ’ someone shouted.Everybodywas awake now.Mr.Rochester ‘’Please don’t worry ,everything is all right’’told his friends.
Later that day,Jane got a letter.Her aunt wanted to see her..I arrived there and they said’John was dead’. Her aunt gave her a letter.It was from my father’s brother .He said ‘’I am rich man and I have no children .I want to find my brother’s daughter and her to live with me.’’ The letter came three years ago but her aunt didn’t say it to Jane.Mrs Reed too,was died.Jane returned to Hall again.
As Jane was going near the house Mr.Rochester saw Jane.And they spoke.He said ‘’I am going to get married .You must get a new job.’’Jane started to cry,couldn’t speak.Then he started smiling.’I don’t want you to go Jane.Will you marry me?’’ ‘’Yes,I will’’ she said.
Two nights before the weddingJane was in bed.Her wedding dress was in room,too.Suddenly she saw a strange woman.She took her dress and tore it to pieces.She looked cruel and angry in the mirror.When Jane woke up, she thougt her dress.It was torn into pieces.So the woman was real.Jane told about it to Mr.Rochester.He said’I think it’s a terrible dream.’
At last wedding day came.They went to church.While the clergyman was speaking,someone said ‘’Stop the wedding !!!Mr Rochester already was married ,he can’t get marry.He was married to my sister’’.Mr Rochester started to explain:’’My wife’s name was Bertha Mason.Soon after the wedding, Bertha became strange.She was dangereous.She wanted to kill me,tried to kill Mr. Mason.’’ .Bertha was that Jane saw in her bedroom.
Jane decided to escape and left there.
She arrived a house,there a man and his family helped her.’’I am Jane Willot.’’Jane said.She started tol ive with them but at last St John tought everything.He received a letter from Mr.Briggs.Jane asked ‘’Why did Mr.Briggs write to you ?’’ ‘’Because your uncle was my mother’s brother.When he died,he left all his money to you Jane Eyre.’’he said.
When Jane heard this ,she was very pleased.They began tol ive comfortably together.
St John wanted to work in India.He said to Jane ‘’I want you to go with me beacuse I want to marry you.So we can work together in India .There are many poor people.’’
Jane thought for a long time .But she still loved Mr. Rochester.And she diceded to find to him.She left home and arrived at Thornfield Hall.But the Windows were empty.There was no roof.Jane saw a man and told him.He said ‘’The house burned down in the middle of thenight.They think Mr. Rochester’s wife started it.Mrs. Fairfax was staying with friends.Bertha was died .Mr.Rochester lives a quiet place.’’
And Jane went there.Then told Mr.Rochester.’’I am a rich woman.I have three cousins.’’said Jane..Mr.Rochester asked ‘’Do you like John and Does hel like you?’’ ‘’ Yes,I like him and he likes me and he wants to marry me.Jane replied.He asked again.:’’Will you marry him’’ ‘’No because I don’t love him.’’ Jane said.He asked finally ‘’Jane,Will you marry me?’’ ‘’Yes, I will’’Jane replied again.
Three days later they got married .Two years after,Mr Rochester began to see again with one eye.At last, They were happy.:

bu kıtabıokudum ve özet bana ait .o yüzdden bnce sız de bi elden gecirin en azından bi göz gezdirin hata olabılır umarım yardımcı olur
Eski 19-03-07, 19:33 #3
Ensarbjk Ensarbjk çevrimdışı
Varsayılan C: ingilizce kitap özeti!

çokkk teşekkür ederimm...
Eski 19-03-07, 19:40 #4
Gizem_07 Gizem_07 çevrimdışı
Varsayılan C: ingilizce kitap özeti!

rica ederim
Eski 20-03-07, 00:59 #5
Ŧเlเz Ŧเlเz çevrimdışı
Varsayılan C: ingilizce kitap özeti!

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