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Eski 26-04-04, 22:29
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Hello ahmet, thanks in order to have contributed it makes us to grow; -) The automatic procedure has not been possible to carry a.termine d'iscrizione this could capitare if you make use of proxy or if the enrolled maximum share every day has been exceeded. You can disabilitarlo and reiscriverti, or in order to demand manual l'attivazione dell'account, you must send un'email that it has in object EXCLUSIVELY this: "x -- x_mehmet" (without virgolette neither you space) and that it contains in the body of the assigned message the password "baby58" with a short description of the situated one that you have intention to open, it remembers that to the aim to obtain l'attivazione the data supplied at the moment dell'iscrizione must be real, the given containing demands for fantasy could not be received. NB: this type of activation, with the exception of that automatic one, is not immediate, cannot therefore be supplied guarantees on the times neither on the possibility to activate all accounts the demands. MOST IMPORTANT: all the emails formattate in way scorretto will come automatically excluded from the system, therefore it is prayed lend attention to this aspect. Soon; -) - AlterVista

kusura bakma ama türkçe anlamını sormuştum...o kadarını altavistadan çeviremeyecek yoktur herhalde arkadaşım..sen şu aldığın çıktının türkçesini bir yazar mısın???
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