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How To Copy, Backup and Play Your PlayStation 2 Games


Note: PS2 games come on two types of media: CD and DVD. This guide assumes your PS2 Games are on CD. (If your PS2 game is on DVD, go HERE) Each original PS2 disc will have either CD-ROM or DVD-ROM stamped on the disc label and printed on the covers. Another way to tell is by looking at the bottom of the disc, a PS2 CD-ROM is blue and a PS2 DVD-ROM is silver.


Want to make backups of your Sony PlayStation 2 Games. No problem! You will learn how to make copies of your personal Sony PlayStation 2 games. (We do not condone making copies of PS2 games you do not own). The question is always asked, "Do I need a ModChip?" Well, yes. ModChips are required if you want to play backups of PlayStation 2 discs that you create. If you do not have a ModChip you can click here to get one at a reasonable cost. They are worth the small investment.

We recommend Verbatim or Imation 80 minute CD-R discs.

Hardware Requirements
CD Writer
Blank CD-R Discs (don’t use the re-recordable type a.k.a. cd-rw) We recommend Verbatim or Imation 80 Minute Disc.
The Original PS2 Game (Not a copy of a copy)
Minimum 1.5GB free hard drive space (2GB or more of free hard drive space recommended)
Recommended Pentium4 or AMD Athalon CPU (not required)

Software Requirements - Downloads
PlayStation Game Selectors
CDRWIN - Download and install this program
PPF-O-Matic - Used to apply to apply & create PPF patches to your copied PlayStation 2 Games

Section 1 - Ripping PlayStation 2 Games

1. Download and install CDRWIN. If asked to install ASPI drivers supplied with CDRWIN, click YES.

Note: CDRWIN is installed to the C:\Program Files\Golden Hawk\Cdrwin 4.0 directory

2. Insert the original PlayStation 2 Game into your CD Writer (Not your regular CD Drive)

3. Start CDRWIN and you will be presented with menu below. Figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1

4. Click on the Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors button.

5. The Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors to Image File window will open. Figure 1.2

Figure 1.2

6. Make the following changes:

* Under CD Reader select your CD Writer Drive.

* Under Image Filename navigate using the button to a location where you want to save your ripped PS2 game and give it a name. Make sure you use no spaces, capitals, or strange characters. keep the name under 25 characters. Click Save

* Select the Disc Image/Cuesheet radio button at the top.

* Under Reading Options check the RAW box.

* Under Error Recovery select Ignore

* Under Jitter select Disable

7. By looking at the Table of Contents you will be able to determine how to set the Subcode Analysis. Figure 1.3

Figure 1.3

8. One data will be identified as just one green circle and one data and one audio track will be identified by one green circle and one red circle. Figure 1.4

Figure 1.4

9. One data and multiple audio tracks will be identified by one green circle and one data and multiple red circles. Figure 1.5

Figure 1.5

10. If you have one data or one data and one audio track you should set the Subcode Analysis to 'Auto' Figure 1.6

Figure 1.6

11. If you have one data and multiple audio tracks then you should set the Subcode Analysis to Fixed. Figure 1.7

Figure 1.7

12. Set the Read Retry Count to 50. Figure 1.8

Figure 1.8

13. Set Data Speed to 1x. Figure 1.9

Figure 1.9

14. Set the Audio Speed to 1x. Figure 1.10

Figure 1.10

15. Press Start to begin the Ripping Process. Figure 1.11

Figure 1.11

16. A progress window will appear during the ripping process. Figure 1.12

Figure 1.12

17. When the ripping sequence is complete, an Operation Successful Completed window will appear. Click Ok to close it. Figure 1.13

Figure 1.13

18. You are done ripping your PS2 Game. Remove your original PS2 game from your CD Writer. Next, proceed to Section 2 to see if you need to get a PlayStation 2 Patch File for your ripped PS2 game.

Section 2 - Getting and Installing PlayStation 2 Selectors.


If your original PS2 game is North American (NTSC) and your Game Console is North American (NTSC) you can ignore this section. Likewise, if your original PS2 game is European (PAL) and your Game Console is European (PAL) you can ignore this section. Only use this section if your PS2 game is made in another country.

Sony has built into the PlayStation 2 game discs a protection scheme that prevents games from certain regions from being played on PlayStation 2s from another region. In other words if you live in North America and you have a friend who lives in Europe, you will not be able to play each others PlayStation 2 games in your game console. There are two types of Selectors: (1) NTSC and (2) PAL. North American DVDs and PlayStation 2 discs made in North America fall under NTSC. European DVDs and PlayStation 2 discs fall under PAL. One will not play in the other. A Selector allows you to play a European PlayStation 2 game in and American PlayStation 2 console and vice versa. Selectors can be had for FREE. You first step before you rip and copy your PlayStation game is find the Selector for the game you are about to copy. Let's do that now.

Note: PPF stands for PlayStation Patch File

1. Go to Once there click on the first letter of the game from the main list. Figure 1.14

Figure 1.14

2. From the list that opens up find the game you are look for and see if it has a Selector. Figure 1.15 (If you do not see your game listed, no selector exists for it, yet)

Figure 1.15

3. Next, check to see if the Selector is the one that you need. Notice the name of the Country and Origin of the disc. This is the name of the country you will be copying from. For example, if you select The Shadow of Zorro, you will notice the Country of origin is the US and the Selector is NTSC. If you live in Europe (whose region is PAL), you will want this selector because without it your copied PlayStation game will not play. If you live in North America (whose Region is NTSC), but you are trying to copy a PlayStation 2 game that is PAL (European), you will be looking for a Selector that is EURO.

4. Once you find the Selector you are looking for, go ahead and click on the button to obatin the download information.

5. A window will open providing you with the link to download the Selector. Click and download your Selector to your computer. Figure 1.16

Figure 1.16

6. Unzip your Selector file to a location on your computer. After you have done that you will find two files inside of the folder. One is a *.bin file (MSInfo.Document) and the other is a *.PPF file. Figure 1.17

Figure 1.17

7. Let's install the Selector you just downloaded. Download and Unzip PPF-O-Matic (Not the Selector file. We will use PPF-O-Matic to apply the Selector file). Once you have done that, navigate to the PPFTOOLS\PPFWIN\ folder and find the 'PPF-O-Matic v2.0' folder. Double click on the PPF-O-Matic icon to start PPF-O-Matic. Figure 1.18 and Figure 1.19

Figure 1.18

Figure 1.19

8. Click on the icons and navigate to the directory location of your Selector file you downloaded and load the Selector file and the BIN-file. After that just press the button apply button. Figure 1.20

Figure 1.20

Section 3 - Burning PlayStation 2 Games

1. Insert a blank CD in your CD Writer. If CDRWIN is not open, open it now and navigate to the directory you saved your ripped PS2 game to.

2. Select the Cue Sheet file for the game. See our example. Figure 1.21

Figure 1.21

3. Your default text editor (i.e. Notepad) should open up revealing the contents of the Cue File. Figure 1.22


4. Delete the reference to the Drive letter and the directory of the file after the first set of quote marks so that the only information that remains within the quotes is the filename of the ripped file. See our example in Figure 1.23

Figure 1.23

5. Once you have done this go to File/Save and exit Notepad.

6. Go back to the CDRWIN main icon menu. Figure 1.24

Figure 1.24

7. Click on the Record CD Button.

8. The Record Disc window will open. Figure 1.25

Figure 1.25

9. In the CDROM Record box select your CD Writer.

10. Press the Load Cuesheet button. Figure 1.26

Figure 1.26

11. The Open Cuesheet file window will now open. Here you will be able to select the cue sheet that was created for the PlayStation 2 game that you copied during the ripping process. This will be the same cue sheet in which you previously removed the drive and directory information from in Step 4 above. Select the Cue Sheet for your game so that the file is placed in the File Name box and then select Open. Figure 1.27

Figure 1.27

12. After you select Open, the Open Cuesheet File window will close and in the Record Disc window you will see the file name of your cue sheet located in the Cuesheet Status box. Figure 1.28

Figure 1.28

13. Set your recording speed to 1x (This version of CDRWIN is set to Max which is 1x). In any version of CDRWIN never set the Record Speed higher than 1x. Figure 1.29

Figure 1.29

14. Press the Start Recording button. Figure 1.30

Figure 1.30

15. The Record Disc Progress window will open and you will be able to see the status of the burning process. Figure 1.31

Figure 1.31

16. The Record Disc Progress window will close after the burning process is completed. Click OK. Figure 1.32

Figure 1.32
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