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Eski 13-04-04, 17:37
hapurhupur hapurhupur çevrimdışı
Exclamation acele ardim

undefinedArkadaslar benim bi programlama odewim war.
Ama nasil yapacagim weya nereden bulacagim konusunda hiic bir fikrim yok.
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Airport Simulation Program
Please write a program in order to simulate the passenger handling at an airport. The main purpose of this program is to track the luggage of a certain passenger from the security control over the checkin to the return of the luggage.

The following boundary conditions have to be taken into account:

The number of passengers is N
There is only one queue for luggege security control before the checkin. All passengers have to pass the security control.
After having passed the security control, the passengers are distributed to n (e.g. 4) check in counters.
The luggage security control works x (e.g. 10) times faster than the check in.
All luggage is put on one conveyer towards the plane. (implement as pushing elements on a stack)
The luggage is taken off the plane in reverse order of putting them into the plane. (implement this as poping from the stack)
The passengers are comming in an specific order 1st passenger with the name 0 to Nth possenger wit the name N-1. What is the order of luggages comming off the plane?
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

Az size zahmet bana eziyet....
bu isime bi yardimci olun beee...
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