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Eski 09-04-04, 13:58
BaLLim BaLLim çevrimdışı
Varsayılan vBulletin v.3.0.0 GOLD-Retail

vBulletin is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for your web site. It has been written using the Web's quickest-growing scripting language; PHP, and is complimented with a highly efficient and ultra fast back-end database engine built using MySQL.

vBulletin is the ideal community solution for all medium-to-large sites.

vBulletin's feature-rich content sets it apart from similar forum software.

Key features include:

Fast and efficient database back end
Template driven interface
Powerful search engine
Language system
User profiles
Extensive admin control panel
Unlimited forums/posts
Email notification

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